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Nehalem Acres

Live Coturnix Quail

Discover our collection of live Coturnix quail available for sale, including adults, chicks, and fertile eggs. We offer both male and female quail, with some females capable of laying light blue eggs, while the majority produce speckled eggs in shades of brown and green. Please note that chicks will be sold unsexed.

These exceptional quail are highly productive, laying an impressive six eggs per week during the spring and summer months. By providing supplemental lighting, their egg-laying can be sustained year-round, offering the potential for up to 300 eggs annually. In the absence of additional light, egg production naturally tapers off in the fall as the days grow shorter, only to resume once again in the spring.

As for the taste of quail eggs, they are a culinary delight. Delicate and flavorful, these petite eggs offer a rich, creamy texture with a slightly nutty undertone. They are a gourmet addition to any dish, perfect for both cooking and garnishing.

In addition to their delightful eggs, Coturnix quail also offer a delectable meat that is highly sought after. The taste of quail meat can be described as succulent, tender, and rich. It possesses a distinct flavor that is often likened to a combination of chicken and game meat, with a slightly sweeter and more delicate profile. Quail meat lends itself well to various culinary preparations, from grilling and roasting to sautéing and braising. Indulge in the exquisite flavor of quail meat and elevate your dining experience with its unique and savory qualities.

If you’d like to purchase live quail, we invite you to contact Nehalem Acres directly using the information provided above to place an order. Juvenile females will already or will lay eggs within a week or two.

Juvenile Females (6-8 weeks)$25 / each
Juvenile Males (6-8 weeks)$10 / each
Quail Chicks (Unsexed)$5 / each
Fertile Eggs$12 / dozen